Bible Study 7-19-22


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service- In-Person and Online

Jul. 19, 2022

01:24:44    Giovanni Ong:    For me, if it is important enough, I will pray on and off for years until things have come to pass

01:25:21    Giovanni Ong:    I usually write people prayers to let them know that I prayed for them at least once

01:26:02    Giovanni Ong:    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

01:27:37    Giovanni Ong:    Fasting, and praying can also work.

For some people, praying in tongues

01:27:55    Giovanni Ong:    And, listening to the Holy Spirit and acting on wisdom

01:30:22    Giovanni Ong:    Luke 18:1

01:32:48    L H:    Don’t pray just to check it off the list

01:32:51    Giovanni Ong:    persistent widow

01:33:02    Deon S. (She/Her):    Persistence in prayer

01:33:06    Renee:    Keep petitioning

01:34:17    Deon S. (She/Her):    Yes!!

01:34:28    Renee: