Bible Study 8-2-22


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service- In-Person and Online

Aug. 02, 2022

01:11:56    Giovanni Ong:    Amen

01:15:40    James and Loretta McBride:    fully pleasing to him

01:17:10    Giovanni Ong:    To show the fruit of the spirit

01:17:31    Giovanni Ong:    John 15:4-5

01:19:27    Giovanni Ong:    Galatians 5:22-23

01:22:06    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    a small one

01:22:12    James and Loretta McBride:    Spirit is capitalized - that's the fruit that comes from the infilling of the Holy Spirit

01:22:38    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Amen!

01:23:02    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Yes!

01:26:41    James and Loretta McBride:    Amen

01:27:06    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Amen!

01:27:48    Giovanni Ong:    Phillippians 3:10

01:33:03    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Endurance and patience with joy

01:33:24    iPhone:    We need endurance to pick up our cross and follow Jesus daily

01:33:55    Giovanni Ong:    Thank you so much, Pastor Tanisha, for pointing out the need to pray for endurance, perseverance, tenacity, or resilience. I did not realize what the power should be for.

01:34:12    Giovanni Ong:    Ephesians 3:16

01:35:24    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Inner self

01:37:15    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Exercising

01:37:21    Giovanni Ong:    Loving family members, friends,

01:37:22    iPhone:    Workouts

01:37:43    Giovanni Ong:    Loving good practices to study, eat. sleep, and work

01:37:45    iPhone:    It’s Loren lol

01:37:56    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    Weight lifting

01:38:13    The Way Christian Center:    FACTS!!!!!!

01:38:52    Giovanni Ong:    I did the half-marathon in the army

01:39:10    Giovanni Ong:    And, ran 5 mile cross country races for USC, and

01:39:10    Deon Sailes (She/Her):    That's right

01:39:16    iPhone:    I did a sprint triathlon